The Audiobook


The Audiobook is a speaker that is designed to blend into the living room so that consumers can appreciate the environment as a whole



I’ve always wanted to design a unique speaker, and I came across the B&O emerge speaker that was designed to stand out inside of a bookshelf.  Instead of having it stand out, I wanted to make one that blended into the environment as if it were furniture itself.

After getting inspired by the design of a cloth binded book, I made The Audiobook


I started off with a vertical standing box and I started to make iterations on that design. To make it look like a book I made the front edge rounded and designed the back to be flat as if it were a book. To make the volume buttons blend into the design of the body I intended them to be a fabric strip to extend into the rest of the body.

Design Iterations

I started off by making rough 3D models for each of the different designs

Initial Prototype

Quick Material Render for Intended Design Elements

Internal Prototype

Added the underlay for the design including Indicator Lights and Speaker components.

Color Prototypes