Snap Modulets

2020 - 2021

The Snap Modulets are a series of accessories that are designed to magnetically enhance the iPhone so that users can carry less in their pockets


On October 23rd 2020, Apple released their Magsafe Wireless Charging system. What intrigued me the most was the possibility of a vast accessory ecosystem to make iPhones a lot more capable than they were before.

I started to think of Magnetic Modular Accessories I call Modulets.


I sketched outsome quick ideas like a Gaming grip, Camera Grip, an SD Card Holder and a quick swipe modulet for credit and ID Cards.


I quickly made some 3D printed Models to test if the concept was feasible. To embed the magnets into the print itself, I stopped the print halfway, then put in the magnets to allow the 3D Printer to go over the magnets and hide them inside.


SD Modulet

Whenever I’m trying to film something I never have a convenient place to hold my SD Card. This Modulet Fixes that and places it right on the back of your phone, which is something you always have.

Camera Modulet

When using the iPhone to film videos or take photos, it sometimes gets uncomfortable to hold a flat slab of metal and glass, so a grip that snaps on using magsafe makes it a lot more ergonomic.

Swipe Modulet

My College has an ID card system that requires me to swipe pretty often, but pulling a single card out of my wallet can get pretty annoying sometimes. This allows for easy swiping and access.