Fable Fairways

Children's Toy Project
Design a fun toy that teaches an important learning concept that is age appropriate for a 6-7 year old child.
6 Weeks
Kimberly Snyder
Main Credits
Kathryn Hoang, Alex Trimmingham, Davis Gentry, Andy Cho

A pop-up book board game for kids aged 6-7 with a golfing toy that teaches simple physics and critical thinking through interactive play.

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Initial Research

Who is the
Target Demographic?

children developmental stages
target personas
ergonomics data
Market Research

Searching for
Design Opportunities.

trends and insight
market analysis
white space map
Concept Ideation

Analyzing Research,
Applying Solutions.

sketch ideation
final concept sketch
Model Prototyping

Mini-golf Puck
Launcher Mechanism.

character design
compliant mechanisms
finalized mechanism
technical drawings
User Testing

Crucial Feedback
and Model Development

prototype testing
final prototype
pop-up book dimensions
Final Model

Complete Package
and Instructions.

how to use toy
how to play the game
hero image